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Salida Business Alliance Board Members. From left to right: Treasurer Nicole Balaun, Secretary Allie Stevens, President Angel Rowell, Adviser Vickie Sue Vigil and Vice President Donna Cole.

The Salida Business Alliance (SBA) gathered on Thursday morning Feb. 20 to meet and greet the new and returning SBA Board members in the Community Center. The meeting was a Mexico-themed Fiesta celebration thanking and surprising outgoing Board President Vickie Sue Vigil for her 17 years of service as SBA President.

New SBA Board President Angel Rowell greeted guests with opening remarks, “Welcome and thank you for being here and taking part in this meet and greet, “secret” Mexico-themed thank you party for Vickie Sue.”

Rowell introduced the returning Board members and their years of service to SBA. They include: Secretary Allie Stevens (2 years), Treasurer Nicole Balaun (9 years), Vice President Donna Cole (10 years). Vigil will remain on the Board serving as an Adviser.

“The backstory [of the Mexican Fiesta theme] is that after Nicole gives the budget [treasurers] report, occasionally Vickie Sue has been known to ask, ‘when are we going to Mexico?’ and Nicole would unfortunately have to tell her over and over again that we are not going to Mexico. However, Nicole had the amazing idea to bring Mexico to the Community Center.”

SBA Board member meet and greet was a fiesta themed inspired by Vickie Sue Vigil.

SBA meetings have an element of fun. Rowell and the SBA Board members presented a tiara for Vigil, with Rowell saying, “It is my honor to crown you the Queen of SBA.”

“I want to thank everyone for coming today,” said Vigil. “When Angel accepted the offer to become President, I knew right then and there we all had a wonderful and good person to step up and take us on to the future. I support her 110 percent. As you can tell, she’s intelligent, she’s excited, and she’s just what we need going forward,” said Vigil. “Thank you, Angel.”

The Salida Business Alliance meets the first and third Thursday every month, with the first meeting of the month focused on general business. The third meeting of the month offers areas of interest to business owners with guest lecturers, Salida Chamber events and networking opportunities.   The City of Salida often sends representatives to listen to business concerns and update members with emerging news and initiatives in progress.  Those looking for more information about the SBA can visit their website here, or on Instagram using the handle SalidaBusinessAlliance.  The public is welcome at all sessions.

Cover Photo: Those who gathered to welcome the new and returning SBA Board members and to thank Vickie Sue Vigil for her dedication to SBA (Photos by Taylor Sumners)