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Work Session Begins at 5:00 p.m. with EDC Presentation

The Salida City Council will meet in back-to-back sessions beginning at 5:00 p.m. on Tues. Jan. 3. Leading off will be a presentation by the Chaffee County Economic Development Corporation (EDC). Those interested may attend in person at the Touber Building; City Council Chambers, 448 East First Street, “C” Street Entrance, Suite 190.

To join remotely, register in advance for the City Council Work Session.  After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

City Council Regular Meeting to Follow at 6:00 p.m.

Following consideration of the Consent Agenda, and upon hearing Citizen Comments, Salida Mayor Dan Shore will offer a proclamation “Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day” on January 16, 2023.

ADU Development Fee Adjustments

Graphic courtesy Colorado Springs Business Journal

Ordinance 2022-26 is a final reading and public hearing, amending Chapter 13 of the Salida Municipal Code. The purpose is to amend the “Accessory Dwelling Unit” customer class to define all Accessory Dwelling Units as the same customer class. According to the work packet “This will result in charging water and wastewater system development fees (SDF) on all Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) with water and/or wastewater connections, whether available for rental or not.”

“Charging a system development fee whenever a new unit connects to the City’s water and wastewater system is an equitable way of sharing amongst all users the expense and impact of managing a municipal water and wastewater system,” said City of Salida Planner Kathryn Dunleavy.

“There is no increase in fees proposed. However, by no longer offering an exemption, Ordinance 2022-26 will have a fiscal impact. From 2020 through December 13, 2022, the City has averaged 22 ADU permits per year, with 20 percent of owners choosing the previously offered, deferral option. Using these average figures, the estimated annual impact would be 22 units x 20 percent= 4.4 average units deferring x the ADU SDF of $5,487 = approx. $24,000 annually in additional System Development Fees.”

New Business/Action Items

Public Notice Postings for Council Meetings and Other City Business

Annually, the City of Salida is required to designate a primary location for the posting of public notices. Again in 2023, the designated place is on the city website. Further, in case of an internet outage or other circumstance that makes this not accessible, the city designates that “notices shall be posted on the bulletin board located in the lobby at City Hall, 448 East First Street, Suite 112, Salida, Colorado and the bulletin board located at the C Street entrance of the Touber Building, 448 East First Street, Salida, Colorado.”

Council Considers Expanding and Readopting the Civility Invocation

Salida’s Civility Innovation was first adopted in 2020 and has been read by the Mayor or a council member at each Council Meeting ever since. As community sentiments continue to evolve, the language has been amended and become more comprehensive. Now, at the request of council members, the city reached out to the original drafters who have again reflected the current council’s wishes with proposed additional language in Resolution 2023-02 as follows:

“We affirm our support for women’s rights, including equal pay, equal treatment under the law and in the workplace, and the right to determine choices that impact the direction and personal values of one’s life, including all individuals’ reproductive health choices.”

Lundberg/Castro Annexation and Zoning

Lundberg/Castro parcels at 601 and 745 Scott Street. Image courtesy City of Salida

A pair of ordinances (2023-01 and 2023-02) will address adjoining parcels owned by Lundberg and Sons Properties LLC and Virginia Castro at 601 Scott Street and 745 Scott Street, respectively. The request from both applicants is to annex their properties to the city, as a next step, following approval in 2021 and 2013, respectively, of pre-annexation agreements.

In a Dec. 13, 2022 Planning Commission hearing, it was recommended that the annexation proceed, subject to typical provisions for Inclusionary Housing (IH), applicable fees, and a fee in lieu of open space.

The companion ordinance (2023-02) requests that High-Density Residential (R-3) zoning be granted for both parcels. According to the council packet “The properties to the south [are] within the city limits and are zoned High-Density Residential (R-3), Manufactured Housing Residential (R-4) and Commercial
(C-1).” A public hearing with the Planning Commission was held December 13, 2022. At that session, the commission recommended that the council approve the proposed zoning of the site as High-Density Residential (R-3).

The sequence of proposed actions to complete the annexation for the Lundberg/Castro parcels in Salida. Image courtesy City of Salida

Meeting Concludes With Reports From Council Members, Mayor, and Staff

To register to listen and participate in the Regular City Council Meeting click on the Go To Meeting link. You will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. To watch the meeting with enhanced audio and video, “LIVE”, click on the City’s broadcast channel.

As a reminder, City Council Regular Meetings are generally held at 6:00 p.m. on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month. Council Meetings are open to the public and participants may choose to attend in person or virtually.