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On Monday, May 9 the community will gather to recognize the 2022 winners of local scholarship funds, recognize the new cohort of Salida High School (SHS) National Honor Society (NHS) inductees, and award the Spartan Fighting Heart Award. The presentation will begin at 6:00 p.m. in the SHS auditorium.

Local Scholarships

More than $20,000 in scholarships will be distributed to SHS students from more than 20 local businesses and organizations. A final list of funds, donors, and winners will be available after the event.

National Honor Society Induction

Students being inducted into the SHS Chapter of the National Honor Society are: Wyatt Velharticky, Tayla Young, Simon Bertolino, Skyler Margos, Annie Hill, Kaya Schwartz, Makiah Parris, Anna Grether, Kira Kuhl, and Kalister Banghart.

The National Honor Society is an organization established in 1921 by secondary principals to recognize outstanding students.  The purpose of this society is not just to recognize outstanding scholarship, but to also recognize the outstanding character, leadership, and service.   The students here have been chosen by a Faculty committee to become part of this exclusive society.  This selection is based not only on their scholastic achievements but also on their significant contributions to the school and to the greater community.

Members have been selected to the National Honor Society because they possess a unique combination of the four qualities the National Honor Society looks for – leadership, scholarship, character, and service.

Thanks go to the following outgoing officers for their dedication to the National Honor Society: President Kuper Banghart, Vice President Elijah Wilcox, Secretary Kate Adams, Treasurer Gwen Ramsey, Historian Toby Lawson.

The Spartan Fighting Heart Award

The Spartan Fighting Heart Award will be presented by past honoree, SHS graduate Randy Kapushion, who now teaches business and computer science, and is the football and track coach at the school.

The award has a lengthy nomination and application process. SHS Head Coaches can nominate up to three students who qualify. A panel of Spartan enthusiasts votes on the winner. The Spartan Fighting Heart winner will be awarded a certificate, have their name engraved on the perpetual school trophy, and receive a check. The typical amount awarded is $250. This year, the check will be $1,000, thanks to an additional $750 donated by the 1971 Spartan football championship team.


  • Senior athletes are nominated by their coaches from the current year
  • Athletes participate in two or more sports during senior year
  • Achieves the greatest athletic potential of his or her ability
  • Excels in school spirit during the entire school year
  • Demonstrate outstanding leadership and sportsmanship qualities

Nominees submit:

  • An essay explaining why they are a good candidate for the fighting heart award and what the nomination means to them
  • A resumé outlining their athletic and academic accomplishments and leadership experience. This can include: varsity letters and captain stars, work and volunteer experience, GPA, and examples of leadership roles and involvement in clubs, and future plans.

For additional information members of the community can contact Salida High School Communications Assistant Kim LeTourneau at 719-530-5225 or