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A press release from the Salida School District announced early this morning that Salida School District has been awarded a School Access for Emergency Response (SAFER) program grant through the Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. The SAFER Grant awarded is in the amount of $297,367.40 for the Certified Ready Program with SAFECOM 911.

District Facilities Director Brandon Hawkins was the applicant for the grant and is working closely with Salida School’s Resource Officers (SRO) to implement it. The School Access for Emergency Response program was enacted by SB18-158, providing funding for inter-operable communication hardware, software, equipment maintenance, and training to allow for seamless communications between existing school communications systems and first responder communications systems.

The program funds will be used for developing and providing training programs, curriculum, seminars, best practices, and protocols related to school safety incident response. The funding also enables the school district to purchase additional hardware and necessary radio system capacity expansions which are deemed critical to incident responses. These incident responses range from day to day operations, to medical, and to safety. The School District will start to roll out the program in 2020 with office staff training. The program is scheduled for six years, with all campuses to be a part of the project.

Superintendent David Blackburn said about the project, “Student safety continues to be a district priority.  This is our latest effort to find ways to improve.”

The Salida School District is proud to have obtained grant funding to further their resources as they work to educate the communities’ children. The Salida School District is committed to developing comprehensive training and resources to effectively protect their greatest asset, their students.

The recent press release announcing the SAFER grant award can be found by visiting this link: