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The season appeared to change earlier than normal this past week, as snow and cold temperatures arrived early in Chaffee County. Temperatures from the central to the northern end of the county dipped down to 10 degrees, the freeze ending the growing season.

A view of the Sawatche Range looking southwest down the Arkansas River Valley from Rodeo Road outside Buena Vista shows the early-season storm still circling the peaks.

Once the clouds cleared and the sun returned, the vistas across the county were breath-taking. Ark Valley Voice staff, traveling throughout the county snapped these photos:

October snow is visible on the mountains near the Chalk Cliffs and Mt. Princeton


As the storm moved out, the classic peaks of Mt. Princeton came into view, cloaked in snow.


Mule deer bucks, down from higher elevations, wandered throughout Chalk Creek Canyon following the snow storm.

Mid October and this ditch is flowing with water again after being dry for a few weeks.

Along the Ute Trail where the aspens are ready for winter.

View of the mountains surrounding the Chalk Cliffs and Mt. Princeton as seen from the Ute Trail.  The Ute Trail has some spectacular views of the mountains. Winding up the mountainside another two thousand feet to the top it’s like entering another dimension of Colorado landscape.

View of Mount Ouray from the Ute Trail.

Black Mountain along the Ute Trail in Fremont County.