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At least three local candidates for the Buena Vista School board are listed as having received the endorsement of former MAGA Trump Colorado Chairman David Hunt’s group known as the Colorado Conservative Patriot Alliance; Brent Mitchell, George Richardson, and Montana Brown.

This is the second outside organization that is attempting to meddle in a local school board election during this 2023 Consolidated election. But to date, it appears that none of those who have been endorsed have acknowledged it.

According to Yellow Scene Magazine, the group has ties to known Colorado white supremacists. Ark Valley Voice has not independently confirmed whether or not the local candidates are aware that they have been endorsed by this group. But they are among at least 27 municipal candidates and 107 school board candidates identified across the state as endorsed by the Colorado Conservative Patriot Alliance.

The local candidates were also identified by the Transform Colorado voter guides provided by the Truth and Liberty Coalition. Those guides have been distributed not just across some local churches, but in the Buena Vista-based Darren Patterson Christian Academy, which is embroiled in a lawsuit over receiving state preschool education funds (UPK) but continuing to discriminate in its hiring practices.  The guides provide answers by candidates to questions relating to, among other things, sex education and the use of pronouns, as well as how history should be taught.

It should be noted that neither the Colorado Democratic nor Republican Party has released a voting guide this year.

It should be noted that neither conservatives nor liberals have a corner on patriotism and simply including the word “patriot’ in a name does not make a group more patriotic than another. With our citizenship in this democracy comes not just rights, but the responsibilities of citizenship.