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The midterm election is less than two months away. It’s not too late to register to vote. If’ you’ve moved and are in a new voting district, if you have reached the ripe old age of 18, now is the time to plan to vote in the Nov. 8 Midterm General Election.

Image of U.S. voting booths.
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You can register by mail until 10/31 and online until election day on November 8. Ballots go out on October 17, so don’t miss the chance to have your voice heard.

Here in Chaffee County, we’ll be voting on several county offices, as well as state legislative positions, a U.S. Senate seat, the Colorado Governors race, and several statewide and county-specific, and city-specific ballot questions.

Don’t miss the chance to have your voice heard. Think about the role that our elections have in protecting our democracy and the role your vote plays in o ur commitment to one person – one vote. Get ready now, so that when the state of Colorado issues what is called “The Blue Book” laying out all the ballot questions, you’ll be ready to get up to speed.

Former presidential advisor, state legislator and Hispanic advocate, Polly Baca, has voted in every election for 60 years. She was interviewed in metro Denver this past week by the Bucket List Community Cafe and has provided these five great answers to the 5 Questions about why voting is so important to her.