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The Buena Vista Board of Trustees voted to approve the transfer of the Medical Marijuana Permit from Hamme-Basti LLC to Ascend II LLC during their meeting on Tuesday evening, May 14. Trustee David Volpe moved to approve the license transfer. Trustee Luanna Best seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

Hamme-Basti LLC, owned by Dan and Clarice Hammes and Robert Starekow and doing business as Natural Mystic Wellness Center, has served the Buena Vista community and surrounding area for nearly 10 years.

“I’d like to thank you on behalf of our family, employees and patients. You’ve allowed us the opportunity to serve this community, to help countless people in need, and to educate this town on the benefits of the amazing cannabis plant,” said Dan Hammes to the Board of Trustees in a prepared statement.

“For almost 10 years we’ve worked tirelessly to provide an alternative medical option for this community. During that time, our circumstances have changed. With the most significant change being our amazing five-year-old son. We’ve accomplished our goal of bringing cannabis to BV, and now its time to pursue new goals centered around our family,” said Hammes.

Ascend II LLC, a Denver-based family business, is taking over the Natural Mystic Wellness Center located at 204 W. Main St. in downtown Buena Vista. They will be doing business as Ascend Cannabis.

“We’ve spent almost two years working to find a suitable buyer for our business,” said Hammes. “One who shares our moral and ethical standards, values the medical patients we’ve come to know so well, and one who will respect this town we all live in. We’ve found the perfect match, and they are here before you [today].”

Ascend II LLC is owned by Scott Embree, Scott Embree Jr. and Steven Embree. All three men currently hold the required owners MED Occupational Licensing badges required to operation Ascend Cannabis.

The Embree’s did apply for the Optional Premises Cultivation License. However, they do not plan on growing any plants at the BV location. Currently, all of their growing operations are located in Pueblo.

Ascend II LLC has other medical marijuana facilities in Denver, Lakewood and Littleton.

“We’re excited to come to this beautiful town of Buena Vista. We are excited to progress what Dan and Clarise and Natural Mystic have done,” said Scott Embree to the Board of Trustees. “We look forward to working with the community any way we can. Community engagement is so important, and we want to make sure [people know] that anybody can reach out to us at any point.”