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Turnout for the June 30 Colorado Primary Election was about as expected, with a few surprises at the statewide and local levels, but voter interest appeared high.

Totals presented here are still considered “unofficial” pending a final audit.

Dan Smith Photo

In Democratic presidential balloting statewide, progressives gave the nod to Sen. Bernie Sanders over the presumptive nominee Joe Biden, 37 percent to 24.7 percent in Democratic balloting. Michael Bloomberg got 18.5 percent and Sen. Elizabeth Warren received 17.6 percent.

On the Republican side of the ballot, Donald Trump easily won the majority, 92.3 percent, versus 7.7 percent for his challengers.

The percentages reported by the Secretary of State reflect more than 80 percent of precincts reporting as of Wednesday morning.

Chaffee County Clerk and Recorder Lori Mitchell who has said she hoped for a much higher local turnout for the primary election, has predicted a record turnout for the November 2020 General Election.

The unofficial totals showed 7,541 ballots cast from a total of 13,803 active voters in the county, a 54.63 percent turnout.

In the Fifth Congressional District primary, unopposed incumbent Republican Doug Lamborn garnered 98,313 votes, while his Democratic challenger Jillian Freeland received 70,202.

Chaffee Clerk and Recorder Lori Mitchell. Photo by DanSmith

In Chaffee County, the unofficial totals showed Bernie Sanders with the top support for president, besting Biden 1,505 to 1,046.

On the GOP side, Trump garnered 3,364 votes in Chaffee County, while former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld garnered 123 county votes.

As previously reported Chaffee County voters favored John Hickenlooper over Andrew Romanoff, 2,654 to 1,605.

The GOP incumbent, Cory Gardner, running in the primary unopposed, garnered 2,833 Chaffee County votes.

In county Fifth Congressional District balloting, Democratic challenger Jillian Freeland topped incumbent Lamborn, 3,453 to 2,751.

In the voting for District 60 representative, to replace retiring Republican incumbent Jim Wilson, well-known local Democrat Lori Boydston received 3,434 votes compared with GOP challenger Ron Hanks, with 2,673.

In the primary for 11th District Attorney, Kaitlin Turner, the unopposed Democrat won 3,280 votes, while Lisa Stanley edged out the GOP nod against competitor Thomas LeDoux, 1,268 to 1,200.

In the First District County Commissioner race, incumbent Democrat Keith Baker garnered 3,567 votes while Republican Hannah Hannah received 2,395.