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Ark Valley Energy Future (AVEF) is sponsoring its second “tech-talk” for 12:00 noon Wednesday, May 3. It will take place via Google Meets. The presentation will feature Rob Rosengren, Chaffee County Energy Auditor, and Kasey Provorse from Energy Smart Colorado to help explain the Energy Audit process.

To register, email with “AVEF Talk” in the subject line. Registration is required but the on-line event is free.

Organizers say that this tech-talk is for you if you have been frustrated with high energy bills this year, and feel your money has been leaking out the windows, cracks, and unknown corners of your home or business. They add that one of the key first steps that any building owner can do to reduce their energy bills is to have a professional Energy Audit performed. Their message: “the best clean energy is the energy you never use.”

Energy Smart Colorado will share its home and small business energy assessment program in Chaffee County. Energy Assessments provide information to increase the efficiency of your home or building, allowing individuals to take steps to create a more comfortable and affordable home or building as well as unlock potential rebates and tax credits.

Rosengren and Provorse will outline the energy audit process, including speaking with the customer about their concerns and lifestyle in their home, elements of the exterior inspection of the home as well as safety testing to test the air quality of homes and the equipment used to test for gas leaks, and will explain the blower door test and share infrared camera images with examples of common leakage points of homes in Chaffee.

Information on costs, rebates, and credits will also be provided and there will be time available for questions and discussion. The presentation will be recorded and be available on the Ark Valley Energy Future website,

Additional information about Energy Audits is available at

Featured image: Home Assessment includes blower door test for air leaks. Photo courtesy Energy Smart Colorado