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As New Year’s Eve nears, the tendency is to look both backward and forwards; remembering what was, and planning for what lies ahead. Rarely do many of us pause to look at where we are right at this moment.

Some of the AVV “Crew” that brings you news six-plus days a week.

For Ark Valley Voice (AVV), Dec. 31 marks the end of the NewsMatch challenge in which Ark Valley Voice was selected to participate; if we raise at least $5,000 in donations by 12:00 Midnight, Dec. 31, The Colorado Media Project and Gates Family Foundation will match that amount in a grant and may exceed that level. This means a lot to a news organization that remains free to readers but isn’t free to produce. While we exist for truth and not for profit, our hardworking journalists deserve to make a living.

At Ark Valley Voice, facts and truth, and words have meaning. Our word for the year just closing out is “gratitude.”  The word is a noun, and it means the ” quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.”

Given the year that we have just been through, filled with turmoil, pandemic, worry, grief, and controversy, most of us could be forgiven for not feeling particularly grateful as the year closes out. But then again, we’re here, you’re reading this, and the world keeps turning. We’re going to get through this momentous time, just as our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents got through the 1918 pandemic. History will also record how we handled this moment in time.

For our part, we believe it will be recorded as a time of generosity by our readers; those who value facts and truth; those who want news presented in a way that doesn’t tell you what to think, but gives you information to make you think. We want you all to know that we are grateful for our readers and your generous spirits.

  • This year we passed 300,000 unique readers, spread across more than 30 countries, all 50 states, and the District of Columbia;
  • Our monthly member readership has passed 28,000;
  • Our investigative reporting won two more awards this year from the Colorado Press Association;
  • We have tackled tough topics and issues that other news media haven’t touched. Just three examples: the state’s growing water crisis, the growth of right-wing extremism, the danger presented by a seemingly impenetrable impasse regarding the communications towers on Methodist Mountain, that our reporting helped resolve;
  • We supervised two internships this past year: one a student at Colorado State University, a second a just-graduated Salida High School Senior who is off to college;
  • As invited members of the Colorado News Collaborative, we are part of a prestigious state-wide network of independent news organizations that look at and report on issues and their impacts as a local, regional, and statewide effort.

We believe that the impact of reporting real news, honestly and truthfully, ripples out from the story; encouraging a community to look at issues in new ways, face facts, and build stronger communities.

We are so close to our goal — but we aren’t there yet. We hope you will consider a donation today to help Ark Valley Voice reach its $5,000 goal by Dec. 31 — so we can continue to be a force for truth in the Upper Arkansas Valley. Your kindness and generosity are matched only by our sincere gratitude.