Chaffee County Democrats Logo (Image courtesy of The Colorado Democratic Party)

The Chaffee County Democrats announced on Wednesday, March 25 that they have received permission to hold their County Assembly and Convention as a virtual meeting. The shift is in response to a constantly changing understanding of the COVID-19 Pandemic, and respecting  public health goals articulated by officials from Governor Polis to Chaffee County health officials.

The change was made possible by specific legislation responding to the pandemic allowing parties to change rules to include virtual meetings, email voting, reduction of quorums, and the like.  The legislation passed both houses and was signed by Governor Polis on March 12, 2020.

Party Assembly organizers first designed a process where delegates could vote by email.   In order to ensure adequate response time for email responses, the organizers then changed the date of the County Assembly from March 21 to March 28, 2020.  Email ballots were sent out on March 20, and delegates began voting as soon as they received the emails.

The 22 delegates selected at the precinct caucuses on March 7 will decide on the following:

  1. Preference for U.S. Senate Democratic Candidate.
  2. Preference for Congressional District 5 for U.S. House of Representatives Democratic Candidate
  3. Endorsement of Keith Baker as the Democratic candidate for Chaffee County Commissioner
  4. Endorsement for a consent agenda of non-controversial items

Colorado State Democrats have announced that all subsequent Assemblies and Conventions, including Congressional District 5, will be held using a virtual platform, as yet undecided.  The Chaffee County Democrats will elect 15 delegates to participate virtually in the Assembly and Convention.