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Aimee Tihonovich, a veteran government worker and accountant, has been named as the new finance director by the City of Salida in a press release on April 16.

Tihonovich worked for 23 years with Pueblo County, and for 19 of those years, she served as budget and finance director. During her time with Pueblo County, she managed an approximately $200 million annual budget, according to the release.

Mayor P.T. Wood was quoted in the release sharing his excitement to bring Tihonovich to the city, expecting her expertise and experience to help Salida.

“Aimee’s expertise at guiding the finances for a large Colorado county government will serve the citizens of Salida well as we aim to deliver clear and concise budgets, audits and financial statements,” Wood said in the release.

Tihonovich has a history of both accounting and governmental work. She has earned Certificates of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting for every year since 1998, according to the release. She also is a former certified public accountant, a graduate of the University of Southern Colorado and holds a degree in business administration for accounting.

Tihonovich is already in the process of helping Salida city staff to prepare for the 2018 audit, as well as monthly financial reports, according to the release. She will be joining the city full time in May.

Alisa Pappenfort, city treasurer, said of Tihonovich, “She’s knowledgeable and experienced in local government and her presence will support the front line staff that has been working overtime to steer the city’s finances in the right direction.”