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Columbine Manor Care Center. Photo by Dan Smith

Chaffee County Public Health Director Andrea Carlstrom issued a statement this morning, April 11 to clarify the outbreak of COVID-19 at the Columbine Manor Care Center in Salida, where three residents have died from the disease.

“At this time, there have been 26 positive cases of COVID-19 in Columbine,” Carlstrom stated. “This consists of 13 living residents still at the facility, one resident who discharged home, three resident deaths, and nine staff.”

“Chaffee County Public Health recognizes that the community is rightfully very concerned about this outbreak. We are in daily communication with Columbine Manor leadership to ensure that they are following all recommended guidelines for controlling an outbreak of this magnitude. A CDPHE COVID-19 focused state survey was just conducted at the facility and no deficient practices were cited,” she added.

Carlstrom said Columbine has completed testing of all residents for COVID-19, even if they are not symptomatic, and is awaiting results. “Chaffee County Public Health is working together with Columbine on a plan to offer staff tests as well,” she added.

She also said getting accurate numbers from laboratories running the tests is challenging because data is reported differently depending on which lab is used to run the test.

“We have worked very hard with Columbine Manor today to make sure we all are reporting the same information. To ensure more accurate and timely communication from the laboratory to Public Health, Columbine has provided direct access of test results to Public Health via the individual laboratory’s test portal,” she added.

A statement from Columbine Executive Director is posted on the website.