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The following letter to the Salida City Council was included in Tuesday’s City Council packet. It expresses concern regarding the appearances on Salida’s F Street shopping area by Danny Taylor, who over the past several months has appeared carrying an AR-15, an upside-down American flag, a black “take no quarter” extremism flag and lately a sandwich board that says his Second Amendment rights were given to him by God.

How would you predict a mass shooting? You’d have a white guy armed with an AR-15 and an attitude.

Here we have Danny Taylor armed with an AR-15 yelling and addressing people across the street as motherf…ing faggots. I can’t imagine anybody not being “alarmed “ about such a situation. Some people might be terrified.

It’s time to take a stand about this stuff. How about enforcing Colorado State Revised Statutes Title 18, Article 9, Paragraph e? “A person commits disorderly conduct if he or she intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly, not being a peace officer, displays a deadly weapon in a public place in a manner calculated to ALARM.”

He doesn’t get to decide if he is alarming folks.

R.T. Taylor
Mayor City of Salida 1998