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Among the items for consideration before the Chaffee Board of County Commissioners during their Aug. 20 regular meeting are two public hearings for heritage water rights. The meeting begins at 9 a.m. in the Buena Vista School District offices located at 113 N. Court, Buena Vista.

The McConaghy Heritage water Subdivision Exemption requested by Jim and Johanna McConaghy is part of a land subdivision located at 11100 CR 194, Salida. The request is to divide the 59.8-acre parcel into two lots. Lot 1 of 2.5 acres, and Lot 2 totaling 57.2 acres.

For those not familiar, with the term, a heritage water exemption is a historic water right, originally granted to rural parcels for purposes of drilling a well as the county’s rural land is increasingly being divided and sold off. It is possible to retain these “heritage” water rights for a portion of the original land.

The subject of the second public hearing is the Wilson Heritage Water Subdivision exemption. Applicants Maria Dulbecco and Kathryn Wilson are proposing to divide a 36.5-acre lot located at 13250 R 353, Buena Vista. Two lots would be created a 33.5-acre parcel known as Lot 1, and a three-acre parcel designated Lot 2.

In both cases, water is by well with wastewater treatment by on-site wastewater systems.

Commissioners will also consider a fee waiver request for the Banana Belt Mountain Bike Race scheduled for Sept. 21 (using county roads 101, 108, 153 and 177) and review a vacation of right-of-way for 22635 CR 198.

Two liquor licenses are on the agenda, including a license for Los Angeles Alzheimer’s Alliance/Seven Peaks Music Festival.

The agenda will wrap up with a discussion about county policies and procedures for submittals.