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Dear Editor:

Chaffee County – everyone’s favorite photo album. Stunning scenery and solid communities, each with ideas on how to make life even better. Twenty thousand people depend on the Chaffee County Commissioners to safeguard what matters, plan for the future and take positive steps every day to pull us all together, turning vision into reality. It’s about strategy, beyond just day-to-day business.

Kimberly Parker’s Colorado and global experiences, ideas and influence reach beyond Chaffee’s population centers. Her behind-the-scenes hard work and span of concern cover our whole county. Television once asked, “Where’s the Beef?” The answer is clear in this race – it’s in what Kimberly achieved forming coalitions in the Housing Policy Advisory Committee and creating an Office of Housing, led by a professional director. It’s in groundwork ready to make enhanced broadband technology a near-term necessity, keeping our county safe and growing economic opportunities. It’s personally helping those in need, one on one.

This is the real deal. Worth more than the conspicuous silence and full-page spread of Norman Rockwell-era photo opportunities her opponent musters up. Do you want the beef or settle for just the bun? Issues need action plans and drivers to implement them – now. We deserve more than “inter-governmental agreements”; we want leaders who recognize that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Our voices are stronger and the pie gets larger when we work together. That’s Kimberly Parker’s approach.

VOTE TODAY. Your voice is only heard at the ballot box. The ballot is lengthy, but the county commissioners make or break your reality. The outcome matters more to your daily life than anything at the national and state level.

Don’t settle for less – or worse, let inaction or others decide for you. This time, choose Kimberly Parker.

Merrell Bergin