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This Sunday, Dec. 6 Ark Valley Voice will join its fellow Colorado News Collaborative (COLab) partners in launching a news series that looks at the rising toll of this year’s cumulative trauma. We’re calling the series “On Edge”.

The combined crisis of global pandemic, historic wildfires, the fallout from decades-long simmering social justice issues, and a divisive election that continues to tear us apart, are stressing Coloradans and the nation in ways we have never seen before.

Over the next eight or so weeks, all of us in the COLab — including media crossing the online digital, television, public radio, and print news mediums —  will be working together. We’ll begin to examine the overwhelming circumstances that make 2020 a year like no other; a year that has tested our resources, our humanity, and our ability to persevere as a people, a state, and a nation.

Our combined grief and loss and anger and fear is nothing short of a national post-traumatic stress syndrome; visited upon all of us regardless of our age, our circumstances, or our business environment. In one way or another, all of us are impacted. All of us have experienced loss, whether we realize it, or admit it, or not.

This series will begin to look at the mental health issues stemming from the onslaught of stresses coming at Coloradans from all directions, expressed in their own words. Some stories are painful, some are full of grief, others fearful, while others show resilience, gratitude, and strength. All provide a window on this crisis-filled year — 2020.

Look for “On Edge” to explore the ways that government, businesses, and organizations have stepped up to tackle the challenges, heal the sick, soothe the fears, and provide critically-needed financial support, often just in the nick of time. It will examine the ways people have found to cope with fear and loss, and most of all, it represents our effort to let our readers know that you are not alone.

This truly is #NewsCoNeeds.