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To help community members learn more about the candidates running for Salida City Council in the Nov. 2 coordinated election, Ark Valley Voice (AVV) conducted an initial series of questions with candidates. AVV has complied a second round of questions for each candidate, who were given a word allotment as well as a time limit. Over the coming days, AVV will publish each candidates’ answers. Three of the five candidates answered this first question.

The candidates for City Council are:

Salida City Council – Ward 1

  • Dominique Naccarato

Salida City Council – Ward 2

  • Justin Critelli

Salida City Council – Ward 3

  • Adam Martinez
  • Harald Kasper


The first question asked was “What will you do to ensure the progress and gains made for workforce housing/affordable housing will continue in the future without politics?”

Dominique Naccarato’s Answer:

“Investing in the Chaffee Housing Authority now will help that organization gain strength and resilience to survive into the future. The same goes for the Chaffee Housing Trust.”

“The Chaffee Housing Authority focuses on all aspects of affordable housing, including managing federal and state programs, managing rental units and deed restrictions, housing development and navigating community resources.”

“Since this entity is governed by a local board of directors including municipal and county elected officials, staff and community members, it will remain resilient in the face of shifting politics. The Chaffee Housing Trust is a long-standing nonprofit entity that provides affordable homeownership opportunities. In addition, policy decisions made now will determine results 30 years from now, just as those made 30 years ago are affecting us today.”

Harald Kasper’s Answer:

“Most of the actions we took so far will continue to provide workforce housing in the future until a future council changes them.   Inclusionary zoning will keep providing 12.5 percent of new developments at 80 percent AMI affordable, the eased land-use code for ADUs will provide more of these small units dispersed in the residential neighborhood in the future and the changed tap fee allocations for apartment buildings will make it more feasible for investors to build those.”

“The Multijurisdictional Housing Authority will sustain as a tool in the future to rein in some state and federal funds and create workforce housing with just local seed money. I hope that the rewrite of the land-use code for the Hwy 50 corridor will unleash some private property investments, that will ease the crisis in addition to the prior mentioned tools.”

 Adam Martinez’s Answer:

“Regarding affordable housing, we need to work with the Salida housing authorities and the county and also name a housing director which I disagree with Dan Shore on and also provide homeless shelters to the homeless. We need to create low-income housing.”