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The City of Salida has received a Colorado Department of Transportation Safe Routes to Schools Grant. The Grant will improve bicycle and pedestrian connectivity for Longfellow Elementary and Salida Montessori Charter School.

Monarch Spur Park, an urban pocket park at West 3rd Street, and Monarch Spur Trail in Salida. Merrell Bergin photo.

This project will address the lack of easy connections for residents in the fast-growing southwestern part of the City of Salida. The connections include the Monarch Spur Trail, the backbone of the city’s off-street bicycle and pedestrian transportation system, and a crucial safe route to access both Longfellow Elementary and Salida Montessori Charter School. The City will create and enhance safe routes to school via shared-use paths and sidewalks connecting to the trail.

Community Development Director, Bill Almquist explained “We received an award of $710,257. He said the funding will be broken out toward several model transportation projects including:

  • (80 percent of the estimated project cost) for the completion of the Holman Ave shared-use path (from Riverbend Apartments to HRRMC Clinics)
  • Enhanced pedestrian and bike connection to/from CR 110
  • Paving of the Striker Trail connecting K Street/Angelview Circle to the Monarch Spur Trail
  • Completion of the sidewalk on the north side of Hwy 50 between Holman Ave and Walmart
  • Funding for some educational programming on safe school routes

These improvements will help provide safe routes to/from both Longfellow Elementary and the Salida Montessori Charter School’s new location, primarily via the Monarch Spur Trail.”