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Last year Salida Schools’ teachers and staff were prepared for the interruptions of COVID-19. They appeared to roll relatively seamlessly from in-person to remote learning and back again, when needed.  While it may not have been perfect, the recent release of CMAS, PSAT and SAT scores from the spring of 2021 indicate that Salida succeeded in a big way, in a year filled with uncertainty.

Because of the challenges presented to students in the ’20-’21 school year due to COVID-19, CMAS testing was limited compared to traditional years. Statewide test scores indicate a significant decrease in both participation and achievement from 2019 to 2021.

However, Salida had an average of participation of more than 90 percent of students across Salida School District (SSD) schools, and scores show that Salida students continued to show growth and achievement in all categories at all grade levels tested, despite the disruption of the pandemic:

Grade Subject State Participation % Salida Participation % State % Met or Exceed Expectations Salida % Met or Exceed Expectations
Grade 3 ELA/Literacy 76.2 90.0 39 53
Grade 5 ELA/Literacy 74.4 89.9 47 62
Grade 7 ELA/Literacy 63.7 91.0 43 58
Grade 4 Math 75.8 93.7 29 64
Grade 6 Math 68.6 93.3 24 27
Grade 8 Math 58.0 90.2 30 48

Families will receive an individual report that will show the subject areas where their child is excelling as well as where they may need more support. Families are encouraged to consider their child’s results within the context of the variety of learning disruptions they may have encountered during the ’20-’21 school year.

Across the state ninth and tenth grade students participated in the PSAT while eleventh graders took the SAT, and again SSD students scored on average higher than those statewide:

Grade SHS Salida School District
(Includes SHS, HEA and Salida Online)
State of Colorado
9th (PSAT) 969 962 903
10th (PSAT) 983 982 947
11th (SAT) 1061 1049 1011

Salida Middle School Students get down to learning. Image by William Wooddell.

The spring 2021 tests and expectations were consistent with previous years. Because the scores and performance levels had the same meaning from previous years, results provide important insight into what individual students know and can do in relation to the grade-level expectations of the Colorado Academic Standards.

Salida School’s results reflect the participation of students in Salida High School, Salida Middle School, Longfellow Elementary School, The Crest Academy, Horizons Exploratory Academy, and the ’20-’21 Salida Online Program (SOP).

The COVID-19 pandemic had an impact on many aspects of education last year, disrupting learning opportunities for students across the globe. The Salida community was one of the few Colorado school districts (Buena Vista School District was another) that came together to support protocol to keep kids in school.

According to the Salida School District, as they learned more, they made adjustments with the goal of keeping kids in school, while minimizing the impact of the virus on the community. The district continues to provide exceptional educational opportunities to youth, setting them ahead of their peers for the rest of their lives. In a year when the opportunities to celebrate have been few, we all can be proud of what we accomplished – together.