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Solvista Health’s Regional Assessment Center on the Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center Campus. Dan Smith photo.

Solvista Health announced this morning that it has been awarded the 2024 Platinum Bell Seal for Workplace Health by Mental Health America. The Bell Seal is a first-of-its-kind workplace certification recognizing employers striving to create mentally healthy workplaces for their employees.

“We talk about our values, culture, and mission a lot here,” said Solvista CEO Brian Turner. “But we also remind ourselves to not just talk about it, be about it.”

CEO of Solvista Health Brian Turner giving opening remarks during the May 5, 2022 preview event at the new Solvista Regional Assessment Center. Photo by Jan Wondra.

Mental Health America (MHA) is the nation’s leading nonprofit advocacy organization dedicated to promoting mental health, well-being, and illness prevention for all. MHA has spent decades researching mental health in the workplace and awards the Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health to companies that understand the value of addressing mental health at work and implement policies and practices that support employee well-being.

As a part of the certification process, Solvista underwent a rigorous evaluation of its policies and practices in four areas: workplace culture, benefits, compliance, and wellness programs. The average mental health employer scores just 36 percent on this evaluation, but Solvista earned a 92 percent rating, putting them at the highest “Platinum” level of recognition by Mental Health America.

According to Turner, Solvista’s commitment to actually live that mission means that the organization invests heavily in things like increasing employee benefits, creating robust opportunities for feedback and engagement, and implementing industry-best training and career pathway development across Solvista’s team.

The investment appears to be paying off. Solvista’s staff has more than doubled in size over the past five years.

It now operates eight locations across Fremont, Chaffee, Custer, and Lake Counties, increasing the number of people that can now be served by more than 110 percent.

“This recognition is a testament to the work we put in each day to listen to our team and implement real strategies to make Solvista an amazing place to work,” said Turner. “With incredible people on staff, we can do incredible things for the people in our communities.”

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