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Tenderfoot Bluegrass Band (Photo courtesy their Facebook page)

Tenderfoot Bluegrass, a band that hails from Manitou Springs, will perform from 5 — 7 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 26 at Soulcraft Brewery located at 248 W. Hwy 50 in Salida.

The announcement from Soulcraft Brewery says that “Tenderfoot Bluegrass features Ryan Keene on guitar, Isaac Brisk on mandolin and AJ Brisk on bass and they are all very proud of their original songs and music.”

It adds, “Together Tenderfoot Bluegrass seamlessly blends the resonance of their instruments with their wonderful vocal harmonies to produce unique arrangements and fantastic sounds.”

Admission to the live music event is free. Those in search of more information on the Tenderfoot Bluegrass performance are encouraged to visit