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Maybe you missed the posts over the last few days about the myriad of Fourth of July Events in the area. Not to worry!

We’re all busy but the actual holiday is now upon us so here’s an easy-to-use- guide. Just pick a starting point, click the links below and then plan your route for the day (and night). It’s only 23 miles from Salida to Buena Vista and Poncha Springs is right on the way.

For that matter, try one or two destinations and then head south and east to Westcliffe in Custer County for scenery that is well worth an hour’s drive.

In any case, all of the staff at Ark Valley Voice wish you and your family a safe, enjoyable and memorable day together, celebrating our nation’s 247th birthday.

Happy Birthday to U.S.!

Events by Location:


Poncha Springs

Buena Vista

Westcliffe/Custer County

Featured image: Twenty month-old Miya Hannah watched the parade with her mother Kim Hannah, clapping as the BV Jazz Band rolled by in 2019. Photo by Jan Wondra.