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Badger Creek Ranch is partnering with Full Circle Alliance and Guidestone to offer “A Day at Badger Creek” from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.on July 24. The day is designed for kids, ages seven and up and their parents.

Badger Creek Ranch Logo. Courtesy photo.

Until recently, Badger Creek has been a well-kept secret, a dude ranch with national and international guests arriving for western adventure. This is the first year that Badger Creek has opened its ranch, on beautiful high rangeland with sweeping views, to Colorado local families.

The day is a chance for kids to get a hands-on experience of what a working ranch is like. They’ll experience both the work and the fun that goes into operating a real ranch.

Kids will be able to experience caring for and feeding the animals, they’ll take an exploratory hike to the historic Buffalo Jump, a historic site where Native American tribes would gather for annual bison harvests, and the teepee rings where the families would stay during their time in this area.

The afternoon will include crafts, and wagon rides. The day will be rounded out with special treats.

To see a flyer with all the event information, go to the Full Circle Alliance’s website, and register for it on the Guidestone website.

Badger Creek Ranch is located at 5795 County Road 2 in Cañon City and is accessed from County Road 175 in Salida. Allow for one hour of drive time from Salida and note that portions of the road are hard-packed dirt!

Register your child (or children) soon, and pass this on to anyone in the area with kids who’d like to see what a day-in-the-life of a working ranch looks like.