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Fox News Devoid of Coverage of Defamation Suit Against it

While most major news sources have covered the $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit involving Fox News brought by Dominion Voting Systems, one major “news” outlet has been noticeably absent any coverage of the court proceedings: Fox News.

This leaves a significant population of Americans, including in this valley and across Colorado, those who rely upon Fox News almost exclusively for their national news, completely uninformed. The case is set to go to trial in April. Deposition details in the case have become public over the past few weeks and a lot of it reveals astounding hypocrisy.

The depositions represent mounting evidence that the Chair of the Fox News parent company Rupert Murdoch, Fox News executives, and show hosts knew that claims of a rigged 2020 presidential election were not true. In fact, their top-level and private messages, texts, and testimony appear to show that Fox News executives and on-air personalities knew that it was a lie.

But rather than reporting the truth, they kept up the facade that they were simply covering the allegations made by former President Donald Trump and his advisers. Reporters who attempted to cover the truth lost their jobs.

As The Intercept reported this week, when a Fox News reporter fact-checked a message from Trump and concluded there was no evidence of voter fraud, Tucker Carlson wrote, “Please get her fired. It needs to stop immediately, like tonight. It’s measurably hurting the company. The stock price is down. Not a joke.”

Dominion says that in reality, Fox News was afraid of  “offending” their viewers (that could be translated as losing viewers) by presenting them with the truth. The truth, if it lost viewership, this would mean lost revenue, and Fox executives surely didn’t want to see that happen. Dominion claims that because of that, those at Fox News continued to knowingly spread false information on the air; not just immediately after the 2020 election, but continuously over time.

Murdoch himself  could be seen to admit this when in his deposition he has described their position as “we weren’t reporting news as red or blue, it’s green.”

In other words, it appears in the depositions that Fox not only put profits ahead of journalistic integrity but of our responsibility as journalists.

If this were in the past, and Fox News was now covering what is occurring in pre-trial preparations and the information being revealed by depositions, that would at least catch up Fox viewers on what is occurring. But that is not the case.

Howard Kurtz, host of the Fox News show about the media “MediaBuzz,” has gone on record, telling his viewers that although he knows this is news, and he wants to report on what is being revealed in the depositions, he says that Fox executives have ordered him not to mention the story on the air as of now:

So Fox News is at the center of news — but it is news that their own viewers will likely not see or hear. Why? Because it has spent many years conditioning its viewers not to trust any other news media source.

It is likely that Fox News viewers reading this may not believe us, but if they simply Google “Fox News and Dominion Voting Systems,”  they will find numerous news articles and coverage of what is already being revealed.

As the sordid details are coming out, including the fact that Murdoch was “done with Trump” after the election, former President Donald Trump is lashing out at Fox News head Murdoch. He is attacking Murdoch, who admitted that the ad creative submitted to Fox from the Biden campaign leading up to the 2020 election was being shared with the Trump campaign. This is an ethical decision that is an absolute “no-no” in legitimate news media.

The Washington Post’s long-time motto happens to be a promise that we agree with; “Democracy Dies in Darkness.” That which is not even allowed to enter the light can’t be seen or believed.  At Ark Valley Voice, by covering this we articulate our journalist responsibility that “truth has a voice.”