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In another sign that claiming non-existent election fraud is fraught with danger, attorneys who filed a federal lawsuit alleging the 2020 election was fraudulent have been reprimanded in federal court by U.S. Magistrate Judge N. Reid Neureiter.

Neureiter, who previously dismissed the baseless civil lawsuit against Facebook, Denver-based voting technology company Dominion Voting Systems, and the leaders of various swing states in the presidential election, issued a thorough and strongly-worded order on Tuesday. He addressed the two lawyers who masterminded the case, saying they “failed to do their homework, did not follow well-established legal rules, and fueled potential threats against the lives of election workers with their “conspiracy-mongering”.

“This lawsuit was filed with a woeful lack of investigation into the law and (under the circumstances) the facts,” wrote Neureiter. “The lawsuit put into or repeated into the public record highly inflammatory and damaging allegations that could have put individuals’ safety in danger. Doing so without a valid legal basis or serious independent personal investigation into the facts was the height of recklessness.”

Featured image: Dominion voting system with a sample ballot. Photo courtesy of AP