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The Buena Vista Public Library has scheduled a free Cubelets building workshop for 2:00- 4:00 pm., Jan. 16. A Cubelet representative will help facilitate the workshop, showing the public the vast range of robotic creative applications.

“Cubelets,”preprogrammed cubes that can be stuck together to create robots of any shape or size, are manufactured by Modular Robotics. The small color coded cubes  can be magnetically connected to form a variety of simple robots, a kind of modular robot. The cubes connect with magnets and a genderless connector. They can carry out a variety of actions; following directions to drive, spin, light up, or make sounds.

Library organizer Kelly Nary, who facilitates youth services at the Buena Vista Public Library, says these toys “are great for stimulating problem solving skills, creativity, and general curiosity while teaching children about coding and robotics.”

Nary said the library would consider purchasing a set of Cubelets for public use, if the workshop garner enough interest. No RSVP is required and all ages are encouraged to attend the free public event.