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After an urgent appeal and much debate over the event several months ago, the people behind the special event permit application for the 2022 Great State Tomato Wars not only didn’t show up for the Chaffee Board of County Commissioners (BoCC), they didn’t follow up and apply for the permit.

Tomatoes. Photo by UnSplash

“After all the debate, they didn’t apply for it,” said Chaffee County Asst. Attorney Miles Cottom.

The event scheduled for Sept. 17 at a ranch on CR 250, was created as a benefit for the programs of the Buena Vista Rotary Club. The original request asked for amplified sound for music at the event, and it also included a request to waive the $150 application fee.

There was no public comment. “I’ll support it, but I’m a little frustrated that they’ve waited until the last minute and it was on Brandy [Coscarella] to rustle up what is needed,” said Commissioner Greg Felt. “It’s a good cause, but I feel like these people should have it together.”

The motion to approve the permit and waive the fee was made by Commissioner Rusty Granzella. (Commissioner Keith Baker said he couldn’t make the motion because he belongs to the Rotary Club making the request.)

GARNA Stage and Rail Trail project

Representatives of the GARNA Stage and Rail Trail project requested that the BoCC consider a proposal combining a request by the GARNA Stage and Rail Program for the designation of four additional county roads as sections of the Salida to Leadville Stage and Rail Project.

The following additional county roads are proposed for formal designation as part of the Stage and Rail Trail within Chaffee County:

  • CR 191 from its western junction with US 285 to its eastern terminus at US 291
  • CR 193 from its southern junction with US 291 to its northern terminus at US 285
  • CR 260 from its southern junction with US 285 to its northern terminus with US 285
  • CR 301 from its southern junction with US 285 to its northern junction with US 285/24

The request may add around $500 to $600 to the roughly $2,100 budget for additional signage, with in-kind volunteer labor to install them. The BoCC approved the concept and asked that a budget be submitted.

The BoCC was reminded that “The Stage and Rail project is essentially a complement to the Scenic Byway – each provides scenic alternatives, and it’s a major feature in the heritage of Chaffee County. In the long term, the Stage and Rail project and the Heritage Board and the Scenic Byway do need some administrative coordination in the future.”

It was noted that there is a parallel effort going on in Lake County.

Blue Triton Brands 1041 Permit Contributions

Chaffee Public Information Officer Beth Helmke gave a brief, mid-year update on the Blue Triton Brands 1041 permit contributions, noting that there is $10,304 remaining for 2022 distribution.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has notified the county that it is invited into the BLM Colorado statewide big game management plan. “We were invited into the statewide program to prioritize big game habitat holdings in our area,” said Helmke. “The kick-off was on Aug. 23 and there will be two more conversations in Sept. We do have some holdings subject to this management plan outside of Browns Canyon. Their focus is deer, elk, and pronghorn.”

Two items were moved out of the consent agenda:

  1. The Armstrong boundary adjustment would adjust the property lines of two adjacent parcels (7032 County Road 107, and Parcel #3807-081-00-001, Salida) owned by David and Kathleen Armstrong. The request starts with two conforming lots and ends with two conforming lots. But it does ready the parcels for the city of Salida to purchase them and at some point down the road, possibly annex them into the city.  It was approved unanimously with direction to staff to prepare a resolution for Sept. 20 review.
  2. The Reigle-Moore of Salida Boundary Line Adjustment of 20480 and 20500 CR 306, Buena Vista adjusts property lines between two properties: the Reigle property (Tract 1, Kost/Osterbur BLA) will increase from 0.88 acres to 4.39 acres, and the Moore property (unplatted) will decrease from 72.87 acres to 69.36 acres. Both properties have existing houses on them. It was unanimously approved and staff was directed to prepare a resolution for Sept. 20 review.

Two final items were on the agenda prior to the BoCC moving into two executive sessions. First was the review and approval of an amendment to the final plat for the Shaw Ranch Subdivision allowing a variance for road width for an area of the road along Greens Creek.

Last was unanimous ratification of a waiver for the county of the state’s request for a Colorado state waiver for Texas Environmental Plastics for expanding the current landfill. While Colorado encourages the state to use state resources, plastics is specialized work and Colorado will allow outside entities to submit bids.