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It was a small but enthusiastic audience that showed up Saturday, March 7 for the Chaffee County Democratic Party Caucus. Some 116 registered Democrats attended, out of a countywide party roster of 3,700. While former Governor John Hickenlooper won the county preference poll, former Speaker of the Colorado House Andrew Romanoff won the state preference poll. He picked up 55 percent of the preference, compared to the next closest candidate, Hickenlooper who collected 30 percent.

The county will send a total of 22 delegates to the Chaffee County Assembly and Convention on March 21.

The final Chaffee County preference poll of candidates running for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Republican Senator Cory Garner, who is running for re-election included:

Candidate                               Votes    Delegates
John Hickenlooper                52         10
Andrew Romanoff                 46           8
Stephanie Rose Spaulding  16           3
Trish Zornio                              2            1