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There are Christmas lights — and there are Christmas lights. While the city of Salida is famous for its Christmas Mountain USA, there is another light event in Salida that thrills residents and guests.

Christmas Mountain in Salida. Merrell Bergin photo

As the calendar slides toward Christmas, outdoor light displays take on significance; none more than the display that Bruce and Dovie Gross, 7711 Vista Circle, Salida have constructed. To say it is a display of light and music is actually an understatement. The owners have constructed an amazing Christmas light display for more than a decade, utilizing about 140,000 lights, synchronized to traditional music broadcast over 98.7 FM under special license.

The free display is built over months, and the couple accepts donations of cash or non-perishable food items for local charities in containers at the display. This music-light show will run through early January from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. nightly.

The video below gives you just a taste of the display. To see the whole thing — you’ve got to drive by — and hopefully stop in and donate:

Video by Dan Smith: