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Colorado Central Telecom (CCT) has  announced the addition of a new service area into their family of Internet Service subscriber access. On December 16, 2020, Colorado Central Telecom, Inc. entered an agreement with SECOM Inc. (“SECOM”) to purchase some of their network operating assets, licenses, agreements, services, and customers.

“Our leadership team is very happy to execute a broader strategic effort to grow our Internet business. But with growth we know that there will be initial challenges that we have to overcome,” said Patrick Crago, CCT’s acting CEO and Chairman.

CCT offers residential and business Internet service provider (ISP) capabilities in Chaffee County, Custer County and Lake County, Colorado. The operating area of this transaction is defined as the Westside Network Area, located in Cotopaxi, Gardner, Silvercliffe, Westcliffe, and in various areas of unincorporated Custer, Fremont and Huerfano, counties. SECOM will continue to serve all the other areas they previously serviced.

On January 1, 2021, CCT became the service provider for this area, and will continue to provide the current Internet services to the former SECOM customers within the Westside Network Area. From Jan.1, 2021 and through March 31, 2021, SECOM will support CCT in the transition of the operations of the Westside Network Area to CCT.

The organization says it is focused on a smooth transition. This is what both companies have been planning for however, the first challenge for the companies is to separate a live network in the Westside Network Area from the remaining active SECOM network in other areas in Colorado.

“Although good faith efforts by both teams to transition a complex network have been intermittently disruptive to some online users, SECOM remains accountable and committed to supporting CCT in becoming the new broadband provider. This in no way should reflect the capability of CCT to ultimately provide a quality customer experience”, said Jack Johnston, SECOM’s CEO. “Integrations of this type sometimes have hiccups and as we move into the new year and the subscribers move forward with a new provider, we want all current and former customers to know that both companies are committed to provide their very best efforts to work through any issues that arise.”

During the next 12 months CCT says that it will be conducting various replacements and upgrades of the network and subscriber equipment to improve and expand service for all their customers in this area. CCT has promised to provide ongoing communications of these efforts in the affected areas via its website and other subscriber outreach.

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