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After two years of COVID-19 pandemic absence, the FIBArk festivities are returning to normal this year — the Sun Valley Rides Carnival is back with rides like The Ferris Wheel, The Zipper, The Bubble Bees, and The Monkey Maze. They will be tilting and whirling beginning Thursday, June 16 through June 19.

FIBArk fun-seekers can purchase their Presale armband tickets from the Kaleidoscope Toys, Roxy’s Bottle Shop and Fun Street Arcade. Tickets will be on sale now through 12:00 noon, Thursday, June 16 while they last. The presale advance carnival tickets are $25 cash-only in advance, or $35 the day the carnival starts.

The Carnival opens at 5:00 p.m. on Thursday and Friday, and at 12:00 noon Saturday and Sunday.

Featured image: The Sun Valley Rider Carnival is back for the 2022 FIBArk festival.