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Salida Montessori students are scheduled for a treat this Thursday, Dec 9 (12:30 p.m. to 2:20 p.m.) and December 10 (9:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon) when they take a hike organized by the Greater Arkansas River Association (GARNA) on the Beasway Trailhead.

“Students will learn about topics including trails systems and responsible recreation, mining history, wildlife and the importance of wildlife closures, native history, and information about culturally modified trees, tree diversity and what that means for a healthy forest, fire safety, says Garna coordinator Chris Kassar.

Bob Hickey talks to students about local geology and how the Arkansas River came to be. Photo/Tara Flanagan

Also, here’s a note from Ben Lara, USFS Recreation Program Manager about the location:

“We chose the Beasway trailhead because it has become a really special place for many types of reasons.  It is a place where we honor all the amazing things Brett Beasley did for our community,” adds USFS Recreation Program Manager Ben Lara.

This trail was originally named Salsa Trail, but in June 2017 it was renamed to Beasway Trail to honor Brett Beasley who passed away in January 2017. Beasley was nearly a 20 year veteran with the USFS and has been instrumental in creating/building new trails in the Salida area (including Salsa Trail).

This trail starts at the top of County Road 175. It connects to Rumba Trail and eventually leads into Cottonwood.

“Brett had a vision that this area would be a great connection to the community of Salida and the Beasway Trail literally and figuratively does this. It connects public lands to the public,” adds Lara.”It is also an area that has several different management priorities, including but not limited to agricultural grazing, wildlife habitat, recreation (trails and dispersed camping), indigenous people’s historical use—not to mention it is really a pretty area.”