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To the Editor:

In their meeting of Tuesday, Feb. 7, the Board of County Commissioners approved the construction of the north-end public safety complex.  The complex will house sheriff and EMS personnel and equipment which will improve response times for north end citizens.

Chairman Baker offered thanks to the many people that were essential to bringing about this important improvement in public safety and they deserve to be recognized. Included in his comments were Josh Hadley – EMS Director, Gary Greiner – County Engineer, Beth Helmke – Deputy Director – General Administration, Christy Doon from DOLA, Erin Minks from Sen. Bennett’s office, and Janeth Stancle from Sen. Hickenlooper’s office. He also recognized the contribution of previous Boards of County Commissioners who helped with the acquisition of the property on which the facility will be constructed.

Sig Jaastad

Buena Vista