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Dear Editor:

I am writing in support of Kimberly Parker as our next county commissioner. Her qualifications are sterling: she is co-chair of the Housing Policy Advisory Committee and understands how to work across agencies, different levels of government and nonprofits to achieve consensus and results. Needless to say, she is acutely aware of the complexities of the affordable housing issue. Her opponent, by contrast, has never been to an HPAC meeting to my knowledge, and his Facebook page shows a shallow understanding of this and other issues before the county.

Parker supports Envision Chaffee County, the most thorough and inclusive survey ever conducted of county residents, which has reached out to our population across political, economic and age lines to determine our collective values and vision for the future. But her vision for the county goes further – she wants even more voices heard: the poor, the dispossessed, the victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault. She wants, and will work for, a county where all can thrive.

Chaffee County, as Ms. Parker has pointed out, is at a turning point; growth will come our way whether or not we are prepared for it. Kimberly Parker sees this and is already thinking in terms of thoughtful, controlled growth, where all residents have some ownership of the process and a share in its prosperity.

Lee Coveney