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In January 2022, SDCEA withdrew a proposed rate restructuring following strong member objections, but this March the Board proposed another similar rate restructuring.

When the CEO of SDCEA abruptly resigned shortly before the March 29 meeting, the Board tabled the vote on the rate proposal, scheduling three “listening sessions” for members to address the Board regarding the rate restructuring proposal, which yet again had no member input during its creation as was promised in 2022.

As members of SDCEA since 2004, we believe there’s need for change in our elected SDCEA Board. With your help, we elected two new Board members last year. Now candidates Jeff Fiedler and Mark Boyle are running for two more SDCEA board positions. Candidates Jeff and Mark are active in our community and highly qualified to lead SDCEA in the electricity future. Jeff serves as a Lake County Commissioner and has decades of clean energy and climate policy experience, while Mark is a retired engineer with 40 years in the power generation industry and is a local farmer.

Both candidates are willing to listen to SDCEA members’ concerns and work toward changing the lack of transparency and exclusion of member input. Jeff and Mark will move to encourage rather than punish member renewable energy producers and will look for alternatives to bring down our rates, which are the highest in the state. Look for your ballot in the mail in early May, and vote for Jeff and Mark to bring positive change.

Gayla Daniels, Lyndon Zielke