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This letter to Chaffee County Commissioners was shared with Ark Valley Voice:

To Commissioner Keith Baker, Commissioner Greg Felt, and Commissioner Rusty Granzella,

No words can describe how the Chaffee County music and arts community is feeling after your decision to not increase the capacity of Seven Peaks.  Many of us are wondering if any of you feel remorse after Live Nation canceled the event and announced a new location outside Chaffee County? If so, would the commissioners be willing to publicly apologize to the music and arts community for [in our opinion] its poor decision-making?  If not, will the commissioners save face by allowing Meet Me at the Creek festival to take place at the Meadows in September?

Music festivals happen in residential areas all over the country. I’m a new resident in Chaffee County after living the last 20 years in Austin, TX. ACL Music Festival takes place in Zilker Park that is surrounded by residential properties on all sides.

ACL was started by local promoters C3 Presents which was eventually purchased by Live Nation in 2014. According to this article,  in 2018 the economic impact to the city of Austin was $264 million.  And over the tenure of the festival leading up to 2018, C3 Presents had donated upwards of $35 million to the city parks department.  Think about what we could have been; Live Nation is the largest promoter in the world, and now they are gone.

Growth and change is inevitable, does Chaffee County want to be part of this change or are we the county that turns into a mountain suburb of second homeowners with no true identity?

I am strongly in favor of all live music events to be held at the Meadows, and encourage the commissioners to unanimously approve the permit application for Meet Me at the Creek.


Brian H. Conway

Buena Vista