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Dear Editor:

It is difficult to make a decision on supporting a candidate if they do not visit the County, attend any debates or participate in any forums in the district. Sen. Kerry Donovan is in Chaffee County at least 10-15 days each year, answers to voters regarding the needs and interests of the district, and runs her campaign with funds from small donors.

Mr. Olen Lund seems to have made a deal with the Republican party that, if he ran, conservative political action committees would pay for his campaign. So far, I have gotten 8 cards in the mail from “Olen” that were all funded by “dark money” conservative PACs from the Front Range or out of state. I want a live candidate who is investing the work it takes to talk to voters and earn the money it takes to run a full campaign. Dark money will not support our community.

Mr. Lund said he supports selling off public lands. Chaffee County’s life blood is our public lands. Ranchers, hunters, fishermen, boaters, hikers, skiers and bikers all benefit from the U.S. Forest Service, state parks and the Bureau f Land Management. We all depend on and enjoy these lands, and we need to keep them public.

Senator Donovan was the author and sponsor of the bill that established Colorado Public Lands Day. She understands the value of our clean air, water and public lands.

Jerry Mallett