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The three winners of Saturday’s Platinum Sponsorship Lucky Duck Race. Photo Courtesy of Salida Sunrise Rotary.

The results are in for Salida Sunrise Rotary’s Lucky Duck Races, held last Saturday, August 27, in Salida’s Riverside Park. The Lucky Duck Races were just one part of the community celebration put on each year by Sunrise Rotary, which includes not only a series of sponsored races but also activities for children and children-at-heart alike.

Not to worry, no living ducks were forced to race against their will in Saturday’s competition. Rubber duckies, like the ones pictured above, were decorated and sent floating down the Arkansas.

The entire event benefits the Salida Sunrise Rotary scholarship program. Donors were able to sponsor a duck, which would be pitted against nine other ducks. At the platinum sponsor level, donors were even allowed to decorate their own duck. Gold-level sponsors had their ducklings decorated by children at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Chaffee County (BGCCC).

The results of the races are as follows:

Platinum Sponsors:

1st Place: First Colorado Land Office (FCLO), Jeff Post and Shawn Allison (50th Anniversary FCLO duck)

2nd Place – Mount Princeton Hot Springs (Spa duck)

3rd Place – Steve O’Neill (Legend Disc Golf duck)

Gold Sponsors:

1st Place: Jan Schmidt (“Blue Avatar duck,” decorated by Kora at BGCCC)

2nd Place: Murdoch’s Ranch and Home (“Multi-colored, multi-patterned duck with horn,” decorated by Kailynn G. at BGCCC)

3rd Place: HHSB Family Fund (“Abstract art duck with flower on her head,” decorated by Esme A. at BGCCC)

Silver Sponsors:

1st Place: Heart of the Rockies Radio (Duck No. 24)

2nd Place: THE LOBBY Salida (Duck No. 3)

3rd Place: Broken String Guitars (Duck No. 25)

All nine of the podium-placers listed above will have a scholarship awarded in their name over the coming school year, $2,000 for first place, $1,500 for second and an even $1,000 for third.

Woods Distillery’s award-winning “Duck Festooned with Gems and Shells.” Photo Courtesy of Salida Sunrise Rotary.

In addition to the races themselves, an audience-awarded “Best-Decorated Platinum Duck” prize was given out to Wood Distillery’s “Duck Festooned with Gems and Shells.”

“Burger Shack Duck,” designed by Irene Alvarez and sponsored by the HHSB Family Fund. Photo courtesy of Salida Sunrise Rotary.

Event attendees could also vote on the best-decorated gold duck. Irene Alvarez took home the honors with the “Burger Shack Duck,” sponsored by the HHSB Family Fund.

To round out the day’s entertainment, Salida Circus wowed as always. Be sure to check out the Lucky Duck Races next year, and sponsor a duck while you’re at it.