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Unconfirmed reports have been received this morning that in some Colorado counties (the number is undetermined) mailboxes have been or are being vandalized.

Image by Anne Onyme, Pixabay.

A message to Colorado County Clerks this morning from the United States Post Office (USPS) CO/WY Political/Election Coordinator Donna Walker, verified the receipt of information concerning vandalism, but noted that she could not yet confirm that this was or is, in fact, true.

The reports are being investigated by the United States Postal Service Inspection Service as well as local law enforcement.

“I have received calls/emails from some of the counties regarding vandalism of mailboxes. I don’t have all the information regarding these reports but wanted you all to know that what has been reported is being investigated by local law enforcement and the Postal Inspection Service,” wrote Walker.  “I ask that any county that receives any calls regarding finding mail on the street, or mailboxes being vandalized that you inform the caller to please make a police report and to return the mail to you or the closest Post Office.”

The USPS has not yet issued a formal statement to the media about what may have occurred or where.

Chaffee County Sheriff John Spezze said there have been no reports of any vandalism of mailboxes in Chaffee County.

Chaffee County Clerk and Recorder Lori Mitchell, when contacted by phone reiterated the safety measures the county takes to ensure that ballot boxes are safe. “Please tell Chaffee County voters that we have judges stationed at the dropbox in Salida, and at the dropbox in Buena Vista inside Town Hall. Our 24/7 drop boxes are under security cameras.”