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At 10:01 a.m. Tuesday, May 17, Salidan Mike Croghan, age 67, was crossing U.S. 291 on his e-bike at CR 155, not far from his home, when he was struck by a 2002 Porsche driven by a 58-year-old male, reported Colorado State Patrol.  Croghan survived the crash with a broken neck and was transported to St. Anthony’s Trauma Center in Lakewood.

Bikes of all types for rent or purchase at Subculture Cyclery 129 North G Street in Salida. Photo by Merrell Bergin

Friends of Croghan say that he had just recovered from back surgery and was out for a ride with his wife that morning on a route they ride often.  There was no available data as to how fast the car was driving or whether the driver was somehow distracted, however, Croghan was given a citation for failing to yield.

As of Thursday, May 19, Croghan was stable, but in a lot of pain. By Colorado law, bicyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as vehicles, and drivers are supposed to share the road.

Car/bicycle collisions have been on the rise, especially since the pandemic where more people have been choosing to recreate or commute via bike. A recent accident in Boulder involving a former Olympic cyclist highlights the fact that bicycle riders in Colorado still face significant risks.

The Department of Transportation recommends different behaviors for each group:

  • Motorists should never drive while distracted by an electronic device.
  • Motorists should leave at least a three-foot cushion when passing cyclists.
  • Motorists should watch for cyclists in their rearview mirrors.
  • Cyclists should obey traffic laws and follow traffic signals.
  • Cyclists should ride with the flow of traffic.