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Rep. Pettersen Pushing for 15 Local Projects to Increase Clean Water, Affordable Housing, and Improve Quality of Life

U.S. Representative Brittany Pettersen (CO-07) has announced that she has requested nearly $35 million in federal funding for 15 community projects for our District 7 congressional area, through the House Appropriations Community Project Funding process.

Projects include efforts to expand access to affordable housing options, improve town centers and health care facilities, increase clean and safe drinking water, and more. Notably, the projects listed for Chaffee County, Leadville, the town of Buena Vista, and the Upper Arkansas area all focus on affordable housing, and the Buena Vista housing project includes the urgent need for childcare.

Pettersen, is the Colorado Congressional 7th District Representative in the U.S. House of Representatives. Courtesy image.

“Investments in our community spaces, affordable housing, clean drinking water, and public safety are critical for the continued growth and prosperity of our community,” said Pettersen. “In just my first few months in Congress, I’m pushing for millions in funding for 15 projects to improve the lives of people throughout Colorado’s 7th Congressional District. I’ll keep fighting throughout the appropriations process to secure the funds to support these local-led initiatives from Lakewood to Salida and everywhere in between.”

The Community Project Funding process allows members of Congress to submit projects based in their districts for critical initiatives in their communities. Though each member can submit up to 15 requests, no request is guaranteed. The projects championed by the Office of Representative Pettersen are as follows, in no particular order:

Chaffee County: $300,000 for solar power for an affordable housing and community program project
City of Golden: $10,000,000 for flood prevention to protect low to moderate-income homes
City of Westminster: $5,000,000 to replace a deteriorating drinking water treatment facility
City of Wheat Ridge: $2,000,000 for improvements to aging rental units in exchange for maintaining affordable rents
Colorado State University: $300,000 to provide rural job and skills training in Custer and Fremont counties
Idledale Water and Sanitation: $2,103,820 to improve drinking water and increase the quantity available to residents
Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office: $1,500,000 for radio technology to improve communication between jurisdictions
Leadville Housing Authority: $1,755,900 to install infrastructure and prepare sites for affordable housing structures
Lookout Mountain Water District: $3,850,000 to replace tar-lined pipes and improve drinking water
Park County: $2,452,558 for improving unsafe county roadways that lead to Colorado state parks
St. Vincent Hospital: $579,159 for surgical equipment for new outpatient specialists
Teller County Water & Sanitation: $1,500,000 to reduce the levels of radium in drinking water
Town of Buena Vista: $1,680,000 for affordable housing manufacturing and a childcare building
Town of Silver Cliff: $1,380,000 for the purchase and development of a town plaza
Upper Arkansas Area: $255,000 to purchase lots to be used for affordable family housing

Asking for funding is one thing; receiving funding can be something else entirely.