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The role of a free press in our democratic society is under attack. That reality, coupled with the threats of cyber-security attacks, social media and the rise of “fake news,” will be addressed by Ark Valley Voice with a digital security conference on Oct. 23-24 at Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort.

The Ark Valley Voice Truth Has a Voice Digital Security Conference will include an Oct. 23 public cocktail-hour session focused on the increasing cyber-security threats to infrastructure, personal security and the business environment.

The conference will feature internationally-known National Security Consultant and cyber-terrorism expert Adam Silverman, Ph.D. Silverman is the keynote speaker for the Wednesday evening, Oct. 23 public event and the Thursday conference luncheon address.

Data security is particularly important for government entities as it prepares for the 2020 elections, as well as business categories reliant upon secure data such as financial services, health care and technology-dependent categories.

The Oct. 24 full-day session will pull in business categories and news media working in the digital format from across Colorado and neighboring states, as well as government officials. It will examine the role of a free press, the rise of social media, threats to businesses and the news media from adversary-produced ”fake news” and the new business models being tested to support First Amendment news coverage.

The conference marks the first time digital news media platform leaders have gathered in Colorado specifically to discuss their role in an evolving news environment.

“Our focus on security is, in part, recognition of our role as members of what is being called ‘new media’ – emerging digital news media platforms with the mandate to assure that truth has a voice,” said Ark Valley Voice Managing Editor Jan Wondra.

“While government and businesses need to secure everything from voting records to social security information, banking access and private health records, news media face a different challenge,” said Wondra. “Digital news stories can now be prepared and posted nearly instantaneously. It is the media’s responsibility to assure the credibility of our sources and to write the truth. But we need to demand the protection of news feeds from tampering, and establish the ethical difference between our news coverage and social media rumors and disinformation campaigns actively targeting the truth.”

Today, in preparation for the Ark Valley Voice Digital Security Conference, Silverman begins a bi-weekly security column for Ark Valley Voice called Thinking Security .

Silverman is a national security consultant who has worked extensively with Homeland Security and the U.S. military. He holds a doctorate of philosophy in political science and criminology from the University of Florida (2002). His prior experience includes time as a Senior Fellow at Joint Special Operations University and a subject matter expert with the Office of the Secretary of Defense for Security Dialogue and U.S. Army Europe, and the Cultural Advisor (TACON) at U.S. Army Europe. He served as an advisor for the 2nd Brigade Combat Team (BCT)/1st Armored Division (2007-2008) deployed with the BCT in Iraq in 2008.

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