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Mayor Libby Fay with BV business owner Jan Delp, who has just sold Jan’s Restaurant to an employee. Photo by Jan Wondra

The Buena Vista Trustees led by Mayor Libby Fay began their regular meeting on Tuesday, April 11 with a special event; a proclamation honoring business owner Jan Delp for her contributions to the town of Buena Vista.

Delp has sold her business, Jan’s Restaurant to one of her employees.

“You’re an institution in the town of BV,” said Fay. “We as the board want to recognize Jan’s Restaurant for providing a place of true community space.”

“I’ve enjoyed this town immensely,” said Delp, who continued to be modest in her assessment of her importance in the community over her more than 30 years as owner of the landmark on U.S. 24 just south of the intersection with East Main.

Fay went on to read the  proclamation beginning with: “Jan Delp, owner of Jan’s Restaurant has sold the business:”

WHEREAS, Jan’s Restaurant has been serving the Town of Buena Vista for 32 years, and:
WHEREAS, Jan’s Restaurant has become a comfortable and welcoming destination for many local residents to gather and meet, be that for family dinners, a meal with friends, professional meetings, or for clubs to hold special events, and
WHEREAS, Jan’s Restaurant has also become known as a place for frequent visitors to stop while visiting Buena Vista, and
WHEREAS, this Board desires to recognize Jan’s Restaurant for the many years of providing not only a meal and service but a place of true community space, and
NOW, THEREFORE, I, Mayor Libby Fay, and the Board of Trustees hereby proclaim that the Town of Buena Vista gives special recognition and tribute to Jan Delp and Jan’s Restaurant for the many years of outstanding service on behalf of the Town of Buena Vista.

Given under my hand and the seal of the Town of Buena Vista on this 11th day of April 2023.

Delp’s restaurant has been a meeting place from morning to night, for all kinds of community groups, both formal and informal. She has given opportunities to community youth to work and learn the restaurant business. In the past few years, she has worked with the Buena Vista Correctional Facility to offer work experience to inmates in the special work release program, that has placed workers for experience with entities like Jan’s Restaurant and Fading West prior to their release. The program doesn’t just provide resumé experience, it pays the workers and sets them up to succeed upon their release.

“They are wonderful workers,” she said during a program celebration event this past year. “They made the difference during the COVID-19 pandemic so I could keep the restaurant open. I can’t speak highly enough of how hard they work.”