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The Chaffee County Community Foundation (CCCF) has announced the beginning of its efforts to study the drivers of health care and health insurance premium costs for Chaffee County residents, businesses, and larger employers. CCCF has partnered with the Peak Health Alliance to learn from that organization’s work in Summit County.

To kick off the community engagement phase of the effort, CCCF is hosting the CEO of Peak Health Alliance, Tamara Pogue, at the Rotary Scout Hut in Salida from 11 p.m. to 12 p.m. Wednesday, January 8. The program for area employers will focus on their successes, with data specific to Chaffee County, and allow input from employers on how health care costs are affecting their businesses. The forum is free and coffee and pastries will be provided.

“The health care industry is extremely complex and each community often has unique ways in which its residents access, pay for, and benefit from, health care,” explained a press release from Joseph Teipel, the Chaffee County Community Foundation Executive Director.” In order to understand the unique needs of Chaffee County residents, whether they are purchasing health insurance through the individual, small group, or self-insured markets, CCCF has teamed up with Peak Health Alliance to pull claims data and use this as the basis for community engagement.”

The press release continued, “This community engagement, rooted in the data, will ultimately lead to designing solutions for Chaffee County intended to produce more robust and affordable health insurance plan options for purchase in 2021.”

Peak Health Alliance is a Summit County-based nonprofit whose mission is to find ways to provide more affordable, high quality health insurance coverage.  Peak says that it puts the people who buy insurance back in the driver’s seat.

Peak’s emphasis is on data and analytics and it notes that the strength of its community membership gives it the leverage to negotiate directly with providers.  It says its fee schedule is lower and more transparent than others, which in turn allows them to create a competitive bidding process with insurance companies.

To learn about Peak Health Alliance CCCF encourages readers to visit: