The Chaffee Board of County Commissioners and the Planning Commission will meet in joint session at 5 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 27 to continue their discussion on whether to amend Article 15 of the Chaffee County Land Use Code (LUC) regarding “outfitting.” The Planning Commission will follow that joint session with their regular 6 p.m. meeting.

County staff, elected officials and appointed planning commissioners, have been struggling for the past several months to provide a clear definition of what constitutes outfitting activity in Chaffee County. Because Article 15 of the county’s LUC describing “outfitting facilities” in recent situations where the definition has been referenced, that is what it has substituted. That created problems. Not just because that section of LUC has been called “vague and offers no guidance about outfitting activities” beyond structures. The section contains no reference differentiating between commercial and non-commercial/personal activities such as fishing, hiking, rafting or hunting.

Kid’s Fishing Derby Trout Unlimited check-in. (Photo By Taylor Sumners)

During discussions over the past year, intense public comment sessions have included many worried that their personal and club activities could be misconstrued and reported as in violation of county outfitting code.

In what may become a marathon meeting for the Chaffee County Planning Commission, will conduct three public hearings on land use applications, as well as consider two minor subdivisions and two major subdivision proposals.

The public hearings include the Mountain Shadows Major Subdivision and the Cool Clear Water Major Impact Review for Townhouses. This proposes six 2-unit townhouses and a single-family residence on individual lots, with the remaining land as common open space, on 26.12 acres. The third public hearing is for the Williamson Minor Subdivision Final Plat.

Planning Commissioners will follow the public hearings with a review of the Nola Minor Subdivision Final Plat. The applicants are Willem Adams and Derek Aker. Are proposing to re-subdivide Tract 3 of the Marques Tracts subdivision Exemption of 4.0 acres into two lots with the minimum being 2.0acreson a shared driveway. The residential-zoned property at 7505 County Road 156 W, Salida.

That review will be followed by the presentation of the Crosswinds Major Subdivision Sketch Plan. Applicant Ronald Southard is seeking to subdivide Lot 2 of the Southwinds Minor Subdivision and Lot 1 of the Baker Boundary Line Adjustment totaling 42.9 acres into 16 lots. The property, currently zoned industrial, is located at 102 Tailwinds Drive, Buena Vista.

The final review of the night, know as the SMC Ranch Major Subdivision Sketch Plan has three components. The first is to re-subdivide Lot 1A Scanga Boundary Line Adjustment; the second is to adjust Lot 2 Scanga Meat Company Boundary Line and finally Tracts A & B Rancho Salida Del Sol. The area, located at 9250 County Road 156, Salida is currently zoned rural and totals 117.4 acres. It would be subdivided into 58 lots and rights-of-way. Using density averaging, the minimum proposed lot size would be 1.2 acres.