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The city of Salida has received the referendum petition protesting the Salida Crossings planned development.

Deputy City Clerk Lynda Travis issued a statement today, Thursday April 19, acknowledging receipt of the petition. Travis said she will be working with City Clerk Alisa Pappenfort “to review the petition for the purpose of issuing a letter of sufficiency” if a sufficient number of signatures are validated.

Lacking a sufficient number of validated signatures by Salidans registered to vote at the time Ordinance 2018-04 approving Salida Crossings was passed by city council, the city will issue a letter of insufficiency.

If a letter of sufficiency is issued, council members will reconsider the ordinance at the first regular Salida City Council meeting in May, either affirming the ordinance or voting against it. That meeting is scheduled for May 8.

If city council affirms its original vote, the city will hold a special election, and the fate of the ordinance will be determined by a vote of the people, as required by state law.