Jahil Bragassa who owns and operates King Kaeng’s Rotating Curry out of Alpine Park, says he has seen a consistent flow in returning customers sparking a recent shift into a more sustainable business model.

Bragassa stated, “I’ve just been trying to be more conscious of the waste. That was a big factor in me doing this, seeing how much plastic ends up in the garbage everyday…my spoons and containers are compostable…I try to be green about the whole operation.”

King Kaeng’s Rotating Curry set up at the 4th of July Celebration in Riverside Park. (Photo by Taylor Sumners)

Bragassa hopes he can cause consumers to consider the amount of waste that is reaching the landfills stating. “I also have been trying to push the bring your own container [idea],” however, he said he does not mind providing a container given that it is compostable in addition to the ceramic bowls he uses for people eating in the park.

Bragassa has been cooking for 15 years and recently has begun sharing his love of cooking with Salida locals and visitors with his cart located in Alpine Park. “I was cooking for myself and my friends and family…one year for Christmas presents I made a big batch of curry for people…and it went over really well,” said Bragassa.

Bragassa says his dishes are “regional and traditional curries from a variety of different cultures…traditional for the most part, but elements of it are non-traditional with my own spin on it.”

In addition to tradition, Bragassa recognizes the different diet and allergy concerns that are out there: “I have protein lovers and meat eaters, but I also have vegans. I try to accommodate everyone. Most of my dishes are gluten-free. However, the naan bread is not…Online on the site, I try to post [the ingredients] so people can plan accordingly [with any potential allergies].”

Bragassa accepts cash and credit card and welcomes people to visit his pages on Facebook and Instagram for updated messages, from current dish ingredients to special events like the Fourth of July.