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Dear Editor,
Most of us know all too well that the county is growing. The growth is inevitable. The antidote to ongoing growth is management. Measure 1A is comprised of several crucial areas, which not only complement one another, but in its entirety address what is important to many of us, forestry, ranching, and recreation. The tax raised, of which most of it, 70 percent, will be shared by visitors, will produce seed money whereupon we have the foundation for obtaining grants which will exponentially increase the amount we have to effectively use.

While the needs are many, this measure will give us needed revenue and man power for forestry, rivers, recreational maintenance and improvements, and conservation easements for ranch land. The measure has been created with much thought and expertise. It is a continuation of the County Round Table groups in which I participated for several years.

I love this county and have worked hard for it and in it. This measure will significantly produce positive action and funds to protect and support what we value. It will provide an extensive and inclusive management plan for the population increase already in progress and contribute greatly to preserving the county in which we live and which we treasure.

Conrad Nelson
Buena Vista, CO